Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homage to Ice

The Homage to Ice was supposed to be the first mountain bike race of the year but it turned out to be more of a running race. A good chunk of the course was covered in snow which made for some interesting riding and lots of wipeouts. The course had to be changed because of all the snow so instead of 50km we did around 35 with only a couple pieces of dry singletrack. Despite the condition of the trails it was a great race and it felt good to get out on the new bike.

It was my first ride on my new Trek Paragon 29er (waiting for my Superfly to come in) and it felt amazing. I didn't get much chance to get a feel for the ride as we were on the doubletrack for most of the race, but the big wheels were great on the long open stretches.

I'll be heading out to California for Sea Otter next Wednesday and will post after race. Can't wait!