Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Has Begun, It's a Wee Bit Chilly

The trails are covered in leaves which can only mean one thing, fall is here. It's my favourite time of year to ride, but I don't like knowing that winter is just around the corner. It's also the time of year for our team bikes to head off to the bike show and to new homes. If you are looking for a bike, it's a great place to check out I'm sad that they are gone but I'm really looking forward to next year's superlight Superflys! Thank you to Trek and SRAM for the amazing support and even more amazing bikes. They helped make it an awesome season!

All ready to go

Lately I've been keeping busy working with groups at Hardwood and playing on the new pump track.

Radical Riders getting their certificates

New awesome pumptrack at Hardwood
And before you go you have to check out this awesome video of a 5 year old ripping a trail in New Hampshire.