Friday, February 15, 2013

Paradise Valley Springs Zoooooo Trip

Here are some pictures of our trip to Paradise Valley Springs wildlife park the other day. We got to pet the lion cub (below) who's only a year old and could definitely bite your arm off. 
Doesn't look like a cub to me

Momma lion
Deer? haha
Dama Wallabies
Donkey eating Dirk's hand
Silly Goat

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wellington XC Course Vid

The time is flying by and I am down to about a month and half here in New Zealand. (time flies when you're having fun!) I've gotten to check out some more of Rotorua over the last couple weeks and made a short trip down to Wellington for NZ Cup #2. We are off to check out the zoo today so I will post some pics soon!

Mud Pool in Kuirau Park
Hot Spring in the Park
Rotorua Museum
Wellington from the top of Mt. Vic
Here's a clip of the end of the Wellington course, sorry about the very poor quality. (There is a neat bit at the end around the velodrome if you want to skip forward)