Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is This MTB Heaven?

The freezing rain and -15°c weather at home made me even more excited to start my trip. After an uneventful flight from Toronto to LA and a long lay-over, I was lucky to get the Air New Zealand Middle Earth plane for the second part of my journey. The hobbit safety video got things off to a good start and the 13 hour flight went by pretty fast. I arrived in Auckland with my fingers crossed that my bike and bag made it, and luckily both were there waiting. I was even lucky enough to have my own personal shuttle service from the airport to Rotorua. (you're the best)
I've had a few days to settle in, get some sleep and get out for a couple of rides (and I'm pretty sure this is heaven.) Right across the road is the Whakarewarewa Forest, with 100+ km of the best trails I have ever ridden. It's so nice to know that I will have the whole summer to explore and ride all these amazing trails.

Doesn't do it justice at all.

The new bike's first time in the mud (lucky bike)

Monday, December 10, 2012

So Here's the Plan

So I am all packed and ready to head to New Zealand for the winter! A huge, huge thank you to Barry and Taylor Near for setting me up with this amazing Superfly Comp to take with me. I am beyond excited and I will update again when I arrive!
All set.