Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OCA Camp in Cali-for-ni-a

It was a great first week in Cali with the OCA camp. It was sunny almost every day and we got in some good volume (over 650km) in our 7 days of riding.  I also got in my first century ride of the year.

Team O

Now everyone from the camp has headed home and I’ve moved to Peter G’s house down the road. Two more weeks of riding in the sun before I have to head back to reality. Hope it doesn’t go by too fast...

Monday, February 20, 2012

In Cali!!!

We're finally here! After a five hour flight, we landed in LA and miraculously every bag and bike made it safe. The first week I'm here is the Team Ontario camp, so half of us are in the beach house (me) and half in Pete's house down the street.
The view from our deck!!!
After a big grocery shop and dinner at a local restaurant, I'd been up for about 21 hours. As soon as I hit the bed I was out.

Today was our first ride and it felt amazing to get out on the roads again. My new Madone 5.5 felt great on the trainer, but I really got a feel for it once I was out on the road and I absolutely love it! We rode 108km in about 3:30 which was perfect to stretch out the legs. The route wasn't too hilly but was really scenic with a lot of beachfront riding.

Looking forward to another great ride tomorrow!

Monday, February 13, 2012

California Dreaming...

After a week of dry roads and above zero temperatures, more of the fluffy stuff fell yesterday making for good work conditions (snowboard instructing) but not so good for outdoor bike riding. BUT the good news here is that in one week I'll be safe and warm in L.A. (well Oxnard).
Snowshoe into the woods for some hot chocolate

One more week of work and trainer riding until the sunny south. I've been making the best of it though with some fun snowshoe hikes and snowboarding.

Puppy love
I can't wait to get out on the roads and ride with everyone again. Will post again when I get to CALI!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Birthday Present EVER

So I got a huge suprise this week with the arrival of my new road bike (just happened to be on my birthday, how did they know?). Huge thank you to Trek and SRAM for setting me up with this awesome ride! My road machine for this year is the new Trek Madone 5.5 with full SRAM Force groupset.
Carbon Crank Arms
Can't wait to try out the DoubleTap!
Sparkly paint job
Even the cage is carbon
Birthday Ice Cream!!! PB Chocolate my favourite!